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Toward a Humane Humanity

Welcome to our website. Thank you for visiting.

This website serves one purpose: to help followers of Jesus grasp and model the all-inclusive, self-giving love of God—a perfect love.

Demonstrating the Father’s love is the only time Jesus called us to be perfect (Matthew 5:43-48). And we do so knowing that the God of the cross and the God of the rainbow is faithful to perfect that which concerns us (Psalm 138:8).


We ask you to adopt the approach of the noble Bereans in Acts 17:11 as you read the content on this website. The Bereans “received the word with all readiness, searching the Scriptures daily to find out whether things were so”. In other words, they opened their hearts and ears, hoping the new things they heard were true.

This is very different from approaching something new hoping that it’s not true. In this case, our prejudices and presumptions block us from seeing things in a new light. Close-hearted, we then only see and hear that which confirms our entrenched biases.


There are six articles on this website. 4 Reasons for Being Affirming shares four reasons for affirming gay believers in a relatively concise read. Homosexuality in the Bible is a deeper exploration into the Biblical passages often used against gay believers. In Natural Eunuchs, we quote sources from Roman Law, Jewish Law and early Christianity to explain how the word “eunuch” was used in ancient times, and discuss the implications of Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:12.

Moving Past Our Ignorance is an appeal to followers of Jesus, answering a few common objections. Marriage Equality discusses two important questions around the topic of marriage and How Christendom Became Homophobic looks at how Rome’s capture of the faith concocted the “sin of Sodom”, changing Christendom’s stance from tolerance to condemnation.

4 Reasons for Being Affirming

On what basis can a follower of Jesus be affirming of gay believers? We look at four compelling reasons for accepting and affirming our gay brothers and sisters.

Homosexuality in the Bible

We look at “homosexuality” in the Bible and specifically explore the eleven so-called clobber passages, showing that none of them address consensual, committed same-sex unions.

Natural Eunuchs

Most modern readers assume a eunuch was a castrated man. However, in the ancient world, there were two categories of eunuchs: man-made eunuchs and natural eunuchs. Jesus exempted them both from the male-female marriage model.

Moving Past Our Ignorance

In this appeal to followers of Jesus, we explain why the usual “acceptance versus approval” formula isn’t applicable and we answer three common objections.

Marriage Equality

In this article, we answer two questions: (1) should Jesus followers support civil and social marriage equality and (2) should Jesus followers support Christian marriage for gay believers?

How Christendom Became Homophobic

In this article, we look at how Christendom’s stance on homosexuality changed from tolerance to homophobia during the fourth to sixth century.

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The below quick links will redirect you to specific places within the articles on the site. We recommend that you first read the articles in full and then use the below links to return to particular sections of interest to you.

Even if you don’t agree with the content on this website, in part or in full, and you remain in your position that you cannot in good conscience be gay-affirming, practice the perfect love of God (Matthew 5:43-48).

Let Jesus’ love-defined morality guide and govern how you relate to all people and how you moralize in the public domain.